Waste Disposal & Recycling Drivers

Many waste services employers automatically deduct time from employees’ actual hours worked each day for “meal breaks” even though bona fide breaks are not taken each day, which can create an overtime violation since many drivers and helpers work over Forty (40) hours per week on a routine basis. In other instances, employers sometimes fail to record all hours worked by drivers and helpers and instead just assume that all employees work a pre-determined schedule.

At the Shavitz Law Group, P.A., our firm believes that no matter how big or small the shortage in your pay may be, workers in the waste services industry deserve to be paid fairly for all hours worked each and every week – because you’ve earned it. To find out if we can help you recover unpaid overtime you may be entitled to from any job you’ve held as a driver or helper within the past three (3) years, contact us today for assistance for a free consultation.