Restaurant & Hotel Workers

Workers in the restaurant, food service, and hospitality industry often work long hours. Whether you are a cook, dishwasher, bus person, waiter/waitress, server, bartender, delivery driver, host/hostess, housekeeper, desk clerk, valet, or an attendant, your employer may have failed to properly track all of your hours worked and shorted you overtime wages which you’ve already earned.

Its not uncommon for employees in these industries to be paid the same rate for all hours worked, instead of at time and one-half of their regular rate, or to be paid for fewer than all of their actual hours worked. Additionally, employees who are paid partially through tips are often forced to have their tipped wages pooled with other employees or paid less than the minimum wage required by law, such that if you’ve worked more than Forty (40) hours per week, you may also be owed overtime compensation.

If you’ve worked for a restaurant, hotel, nightclub or establishment in which you believe you were not paid properly for all of your hours worked, contact us at the Shavitz Law Group, P.A. to determine how we may able to help you recover the unpaid wages you earned.