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We help workers from across the country, whether it be for unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, unreimbursed expenses, retaliation, equal pay, discrimination or whistleblowing. Whether you go to work in a uniform or suit, wear a tool belt or carry a briefcase, SLG is here to help.

If you worked overtime – more than 40 hours in a week – but only received a weekly salary
If your employer is violating the Equal Pay Act by paying women less than men for similar work
If you have been discriminated against based on race, religion, age, sex/gender, handicap
If you suffered any negative consequence or retaliation as a result of reporting a violation in the workplace
If you incurred expenses for your employer, such as cell phone data plan, gas, mileage, and didn’t get reimbursed
If you worked “off-the-clock,” either pre-shift, post-shift, meal period deductions, or even from home after hours
If your employer is committing any fraud on the government, such as submitting billing fraud or kickback cases or sale of substandard parts, and you’re considering being a whistleblower

We’ve helped thousands of people in dozens of industries, such as:

If you work or worked for a company that is not paying you properly and is similarly abusing other employees’ rights too, Shavitz Law Group can do something about it. We have achieved more than 100 different million dollar class action settlements.

We’ve helped thousands of people in dozens of industries, such as:

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