Unpaid Remote Work: Unable to unplug from the workplace?

When talk stops being cheapWith ever increasing access to technology, more and more workers find that their jobs continue well after they leave the office for the day. Other employees work full or part-time remotely. While the ability to work anytime and/or anywhere has many advantages – like increased productivity and flexible working arrangements – for some employees, staying connected can also lead to unpaid wages, including unpaid overtime.

Common examples of technology-related work performed outside of the workplace include monitoring and responding to job-related email communications, phone calls or text messaging with managers, employees or clients/customers, attending work-related conference calls, and participating in work-related communications via group messaging applications. Another example is completing work projects on a home computer. If you are a non-exempt employee and your employer expects you to communicate or perform other work while you are not at the workplace or knows you are doing so, you legally must paid for your time spent on these activities. Your employer is also required by law to provide you with a method by which to record and be compensated for the time you work.

If you have or currently are engaged in work-related communications outside of the workplace without pay, worked remotely and continued to work after your scheduled hours without compensation, or performed work outside of the workplace but are unsure whether you are entitled to be paid for this time, you may be owed back pay.

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