Unpaid Overtime Lawsuit against Papa Murphy’s brought by Store Managers

Have You Worked as a Store Manager for National Pizza Chain, Papa Murphy’s in The Last Three Years?

If so, you may be owed overtime wages for any hours over 40 you worked each week.  Our law firm, along with co-counsel, is suing Papa Murphy’s claiming unpaid overtime wages and other damages for Store Managers. Our clients allege that they were improperly denied overtime pay when they:

  • Were paid a salary but mis-classified as exempt from overtime because their duties, despite their management job title, were primarily non-management in nature including making pizza’s, cashiering, customer service, greeting customers, and cleaning; and/or

You may be entitled to overtime wages and double damages per the federal Wage and Hour law, the Fair Labor Standards Act.

If you have been subjected to similar mistreatment, please complete the Contact Us form to the right, and a member of our law firm will contact you.