ULTA Unpaid Wages Claims

Ulta Upage Wages ClaimsHave you worked as a General Store Manager for ULTA Beauty in the last three years?

If so, you may be owed overtime wages and other damages for any uncompensated hours over 40 you worked each week. The claims being investigated for General Store Managers include:

  • Not being permitted to submit all hours worked to stay within the company’s labor budget;
  • Not receiving credit for time worked outside store hours, such as taking after-hour calls from co-workers, participating in conference calls on your day off, and making schedules;
  • Training “off-the-clock” upon becoming a General Store Manager including uncompensated time preparing for exams and completing homework and training modules outside of regular store hours.

If you worked for ULTA in the past three year and you have questions about your rights or would like to discuss these unpaid overtime claims and damages sought, please complete the Contact Us form to the right, and a member of our law firm will contact you.