The Scary Truth about the Gender Pay Gap Across Almost All Occupations and Industries in 2018

Despite equal pay and gender discrimination laws in place to protect women and ensure pay equality, companies continually and unlawfully pay men more than women for equal work and do not provide women with the same career advancement opportunities for promotion as men. With the recent spark of the #MeToo movement, we have learned how widespread these issues are across many industries. Social Media, such as Twitter, is revolutionizing ways in which users communicate by bringing to light these highly stigmatized issues today. As reported in The Wall Street Journal the gender pay gap is much larger than anyone anticipated. For every dollar, a man earns, a woman with the same qualifications and skills earns 82 cents. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, if both a man and woman work full-time at median wages with no breaks until retirement, the man will potentially earn $400,000 more than a woman. Compounding the difference in pay, women are not promoted at the same frequency and to the same desired positions as equally qualified men. It is unacceptable that companies are taking advantage of women and violating laws to favor men.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that companies hold workforce interruptions against women employees, resulting in reduced pay for women and lower career trajectories. For example, when women take time off for childbirth and to care for their children, they are frequently not accepted back into equivalent positions, which affects their chances to advance within the company. Companies often have a bias against working mothers and think women chose children over the company, rather than the fact that women are choosing both and balancing their lives accordingly.

The Shavitz Law group will not stand for this. Our attorneys in our Gender Equality Practice Group fight for women’s rights and to ensure that women are paid fairly and have the same opportunities for advancement in the workplace as men.

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