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If you are looking for Tampa Employment lawyers, you should consider any Florida employment Lawyer. Why? Whether a lawyer is in Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, or Miami, a licensed employment lawyer can properly represent you in either State or Federal court – depending on whether your lawyer has been “admitted” to federal court. Shavitz Law Group lawyers are licensed in the State of Florida and are all admitted to Florida federal courts. The distinction between state and federal court is important. In the case of unpaid overtime, minimum wage, and discrimination claims, federal law often is much strong than state laws. For example, the Fair Labor and Standards Act (a federal law) provides protections from certain types of wrongful terminations – whereas the Florida “right to work state” has the reputation of fostering an image that employers can terminate employees unethically (but lawfully). Let the Shavitz Law group review your employee rights. We’ll review both any rights based on Florida Laws versus those derived from federal laws.

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