Am I an Independent Contractor or an Employee?

Misclassified and Miserable

Misclassified and MiserableIn recent years, companies have started classifying workers as independent contractors instead of employees. Independent contractors have the ability to decide when they will work, which tasks they will person, and negotiate their pay per task.

While some companies correctly classify its employees as independent contractors and do not have to pay those workers overtime wages, many other companies wrongly classify their workers as independent contractors. The companies often do this to avoid paying overtime wages and providing benefits to their employees. If a worker is economically dependent on a company, and if the company exercises much control over the worker, more likely than not such worker should be regarded as an employee and not an independent contractor.

Companies who have violated these laws have faced multimillion-dollar lawsuits and have paid huge settlements to their worker for backpay.

If you are classified as an independent contractor and are wondering if you really should be classified as an employee who is eligible for overtime pay and benefits, please contact the Shavitz Law Group at 800-616-4000 or [email protected]. We represent employees, including misclassified independent contractors, across the United States in unpaid overtime litigation.  We can provide a free consultation to see if you are wrongly classified as an independent contractor and if you may be owed money damages.


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