Stop sacrificing your family time: Put unpaid remote work on “Do Not Disturb”

Hang up on unpaid workWith the ever-increasing use of smartphones and remote access, it has become almost impossible to completely disconnect from work.  Say, for example, you are out with your family and you feel your phone vibrate.  It’s a work e-mail that requires urgent attention. You head home, log onto the computer, and respond to the e-mail.  One e-mail leads to another and you find yourself working when you were supposed to be off.  You’ve lost that time with your family.  Moreover, you are not even paid for the work.

Federal and state laws require that employees receive pay for all time worked.  However, many employees frequently respond to e-mails and perform work away from their offices without being paid.  In today’s connected world, workers are expected to be available and work when called upon.  When that happens, employers must pay their employees for that time.

Simply put: Your time is important.  When you work, you must be paid for that time.  At Shavitz Law Group, we fight for workers who are not paid for their work.  We have represented thousands of employees who have worked “off-the-clock” for their employers’ benefit without being paid and won substantial payouts for them. If you have worked unpaid time, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at 800-616-4000 for a free consultation.

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