Signs You Might Be Owed Overtime Pay

Overtime pay issues often go unnoticed due to misunderstandings about employee classifications and working hours. To determine if you are rightfully owed additional pay, consider the following indicators:

      • Exemption Misclassification occurs when employees are incorrectly categorized as exempt from overtime due to their job title rather than actual job responsibilities and salary level.
      • Hours Worked: Legally, compensable time includes all hours an employee must be on duty, on the employer premises, or at any other prescribed place of work, not just those within a standard shift.
      • Claiming Back Pay: If discrepancies are found, it is critical to maintain a detailed record of hours worked and any related correspondence with employers. This documentation can support a claim for back pay, including overtime not previously compensated.

Recognizing these signs and understanding the steps to address them is essential for ensuring that your labor rights are respected and that you receive all earnings due to you.