Roles of an Employment Lawyer

Employment lawyers can represent the interests of the employee or employer, the worker or the boss, and the individual or the employer. Some employment lawyers represent both sides, whereas other firms like the Shavitz Law Group represent current and former employees.

Employment law covers a wide range of the law and includes such areas as wage disputes including overtime pay lawsuits, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation in the workplace, contracts, non-compete agreements, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), whistleblower claims, Qui Tam (False Claims Act), union issues, among many other areas.

When choosing an employment lawyer, its important to check an employment lawyer’s experience and in particular, which specialties the firm has the most experience. The Shavitz Law Group, since 1999, has handled wage claims and overtime pay disputes for thousands of clients across America. These include current or former employees of small, middle and large businesses in a wide variety of industries.

Some employment lawyers offer services “on contingency” – meaning their fees are only paid if they recover a positive outcome for their clients. This provides an incentive also for those employment lawyers to only accept cases that they feel have a good likelihood of providing that positive outcome. The Shavitz Law Group offers this type of representation arrangement.

In addition to employee compensation issues, the Shavitz Law Group also reviews potential discrimination claims. These claims include those involving Age (people above the age of 40 that feel they are treated differently in the workplace because of their age), Disability, Genetic Information, National Origin, Pregnancy, Race/Color, Religion, Sex, and
Sexual Harassment. The firm has attorneys experienced presenting claims in front of the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). Once the EEOC issues a letter of determination, the firm then discusses with clients their options inside or outside the court system.

Employment lawyers often receive inquiries related to issues of retaliation and whistleblowing. Retaliation can become a legal dispute when it involves discrimination, sexual harassment, or the reporting of certain illegal activity at a company. Employees who may have valid claims have “paid a price” for either opposing or making statements in opposition concerning those three areas.

In addition to choosing an employment lawyer based on their experience, many employment lawyers offer potential clients a free consultation. By speaking with an attorney and reviewing your situation, it is an opportunity for you to learn about the culture of that firm. What people would you be speaking with and who would be handling your case? Getting to know people at the firm can give you an idea of the firm’s approach to law.

Some say employer and employee relationships can be like a marriage. Having the right employment lawyer represent you is not only critical in the likelihood a favorable result will be achieved – but also in managing the difficulty of the separation or “divorce.”

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