Non-Exempt Assistant Store Managers and Overtime Cases

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Are Assistant Store Managers eligible for unpaid overtime compensation?

If so, you may be owed overtime wages for any unpaid hours you worked over 40 within the last 3 years.   If you were a salaried exempt classified assistant manager, and despite your lofty job title, your duties were largely non-managerial in nature, you may have been misclassified as exempt and entitled to unpaid overtime and other damages.

Many employers have recently been re-classifying assistant managers from exempt salaried to non-exempt hourly resulting a new violation, pressuring assistant managers to work off-the-clock overtime hours to illegally control labor cost.

To the extent you were a Salaried or Hourly Assistant Manager and worked uncompensated overtime hours you may make a claim for all such unpaid overtime within the past three years, plus additional damages.

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