More Salaried “Managers” Are Eligible for Overtime

The common misconception that all salaried employees are not eligible for overtime is a hard one to overcome. Two factors determine whether a salaried manager is entitled to overtime: (1) the amount of the salary; and (2) the primary duties. Focusing on the first requirement – called the salary-basis test — several states raised the minimum threshold for a salaried employee to be eligible for overtime, effective 2021. Currently the federal minimum salary level is $35,568 annually. That means that “managers” making less than this amount satisfy the salary-basis test threshold and may be eligible for overtime, depending on their duties.

The Biden administration is seeking to raise this minimum threshold, which would affect workers nationwide. However, several states have raised the minimum threshold on their own, including Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington – all effective in 2021.
By increasing the salary for overtime-eligible employees, more workers are entitled to overtime. If you are a salaried employee making less than $35,568, or if you live in one of the states enumerated above, and believe that your duties are similar to those of the overtime-eligible, hourly employees with whom you work, please contact SLG.

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