McDonald’s Tuition Case

Shavitz Law Group McDonalds Tuition Case

If You Received Tuition Assistance from McDonald’s, You May Have Been Underpaid!

Today, many employers provide tuition reimbursement to their employees. In practice however, companies frequently do not properly classify these payments as “income” earned by their employees. The result: your “hourly rate,” and importantly your “time-and-one-half overtime rate of pay” is calculated lower than it should be such that any overtime hours you worked each week may have been underpaid.

Our law firm is investigating whether McDonald’s, by virtue of its tuition reimbursement policy, underpaid its employees for hours worked over 40 each week. If in the last 3 years you received college tuition assistance from McDonald’s or any other employer and believe you may have been underpaid for your overtime hours worked as a result, we would like to speak to you to learn more.

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