Lane Bryant Overtime Case

lane bryant store

Have you worked as a Non-Exempt Store Manager for Lane Bryant in the last three years?

If so, you may be owed overtime wages for any uncompensated hours over 40 you worked each week.  Shavitz Law Group filed a federal lawsuit against the retailer Lane Bryant on behalf of all Store Managers for unpaid overtime.

The pressure to stay within the stores’ labor budget caused these hourly paid store managers not to be able to submit all their hours worked. In addition, Store Managers participated in conference calls from home and had phone calls outside of the store with store employees about work matters – all without pay.

We are pursuing these claims for hourly paid store managers who worked for Lane Bryant within the last 3 years in the United States. We believe this is a national problem and that several thousand store managers are owed overtime wages and liquidated (double) damages.

If you have been subjected to similar mistreatment, please complete the Contact Us form to the right, and a member of our law firm will contact you.