Is Management Taking Your Tips? Employer with Sticky Fingers?

Lock down your tip jar!Servers and bartenders work hard to make sure their customers have a great meal and fun time.  For that great service, they are rewarded with tips from the grateful customers.  These restaurant employees rely on those tips as the primary source of their income.

By law, management typically cannot take any portion of those tips.  However, that does not stop them.  There have been many lawsuits and large settlements where management took a percentage of the tips which should have gone to the servers or busboys or bartenders, and management tried to share in those tips. Additionally, an employer is not allowed to take a portion of a tipped employee’s tips to share them with employees who do not generally earn tips. For example, it is unlawful for an establishment to take a percentage of a server’s tips and give that to a cook or dishwasher.

Have you ever worked at a restaurant, bar, or catering hall and had management take a portion of your tips?

If so, the Shavitz Law Group can help.  We represent employees who were not paid all wages due to them.  We take on the biggest employers across the country and fight for YOU.   Your tips were left for you by a satisfied customer.   If your employer shared in your tips, please contact us today at [email protected] , or call us directly at (800) 616-4000 for a free consultation. YOU EARNED IT, NOW LETS GO GET IT.


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