Insurance Company Employees:  Were you paid for all your training time?

Insurance Company Employees: Were you paid for all your training time?When you start a new position, you often have to complete some training to learn the ropes and how to best perform your new job.  However, some employers require far more high-pressured and demanding training programs, requiring their employees to frequently study training materials, complete homework assignments, and prepare for exams.

This is a common practice in the insurance industry where new employees attend weeks of training courses with rigorous exams.  If the new employees fail the exams, they are fired.  This pressure to pass causes employees to spend many hours studying training materials without pay.  If you have ever worked without pay during training, studied training materials at home without pay and/or completed homework assignments during your training program without pay, you may be entitled to unpaid wages.

Shavitz Law Group is here to help. We have represented insurance employees who were not paid for their total time worked during training and obtained substantial settlements for them. Please contact us at [email protected] or 800-616-4000 so that we can discuss your training experience to determine how we may be able to protect your rights.

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