How Small Amounts of Off-the-Clock Work Add Up to Large Dollars

You Say Back Pay, You Say Pay BackMany workers do not realize how much small amounts of off-the-clock overtime work hurts their pocket long term. They may think it is not worth it to recover lost wages — but for hourly employees, time is money. Even in small increments, unpaid overtime adds up quickly.

For example, assume a full-time hourly worker who earns $12 per hour works just 20 minutes off-the-clock each weekday, or a total of one hour per week. Under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, an employee who is not paid overtime compensation can recover back wages for up to three years, and the law normally allows the employee to recover double damages. Accordingly, just one hour per week of unpaid overtime can equate to a recovery over $5,000. For five hours per week of unpaid overtime, the worker’s damages could exceed $28,000. In addition, an employer who illegally withholds wages is also required to pay the employee’s attorneys’ fees and costs.

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