Helpdesk employees are essential employees, and they deserve overtime pay

Feeling helpless at your help desk

Helpdesk employees are critical to all companies.  They fix computer issues and make sure that all systems work properly to allow the business to function.  Without Helpdesk employees, other employees would not be able to use critical programs, and businesses would suffer.  To keep business running, many Helpdesk employees work long hours and field calls from employees at all hours, day and night.

However, some companies do not pay Helpdesk employees for all overtime hours worked.  Helpdesk employees often receive a salary for 40 hours but never receive any overtime pay, even if they work more than 40 hours in a week.  Helpdesk employees also work from home but are not reimbursed for the cost of using their personal internet and cell phone data plans.

In recent years, companies have paid millions of dollars to settle unpaid wage claims for Helpdesk employees.

Even though Helpdesk employees are often paid a salary, they still may be able to claim back-pay for up to three years, plus double damages. Even if there are no time records, the law still provides employees a remedy and does not waive that employee’s ability to rely upon their reasonable recollection of hours worked.

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