For Eyes Case

For Eyes Case

Have you worked as a Store Manager at For Eyes Optical in the last three years?

If so, you may be entitled to overtime compensation for the time you were employed as a Store Manager at For Eyes. The claims being investigated for Store Managers include:

The claims being investigated for Managers include being required to incur work-related expenses such as:

  • Being paid only a salary without additional compensation for hours worked above 40 per week because For Eyes misclassified you as exempt from overtime;
  • Working overtime hours “off-the-clock”; and/or
  • Working during uncompensated lunch/meal breaks

If you have incurred such expenses and have not been reimbursed, you may seek recovery of these expenses under California Labor Code Section 2802. The statute also provides for the employer, not you, to pay any attorney’s fees and costs incurred.

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