Florida Employment Lawyers – Choosing the Right One

Choosing a Florida employment lawyer can see like quite a challenge. For starters, there are so many employment lawyers in the Yellow Pages and a variety of other sources. And how can one tell the different between one attorney and another if they know little about the law?

Free Consultation and “No Fees or Costs …”

Most of our clients first look for an attorney that they can afford. Typically, employees do not have discretionary income to hire attorneys. In fact, most live paycheck to paycheck.

Fortunately, several areas of Federal employment law provide conditions that allow a law firm to represent employees on “contingency.” In other words, the lawyer only receives fees if the client is able to collect damages in the case. In addition, those same attorneys often provide a “free consultation” – the perfect time for you to talk with a firm and get a better idea of who they are and who you would be working with in your case.


At the Shavitz Law Group, we’ve been one of the first firms in the country to focus on representing employees in overtime wage litigation. In other words, we’ve been helping thousands of clients for more than a decade. Our attorneys have handled cases in state court and federal court, and our clients come from all around the United States. And when needed, our firm will collaborate with experienced out of state firms in particular cases where large numbers of employees are involved. No matter the type of claim, we always make sure the right type of expertise and manpower (and womanpower) is devoted to representing our clients.


Many people think they need to drive over to their lawyer’s office or they just wish to pick an attorney in their home town. Our philosophy is that it is better to pick the most experienced and aggressive attorney. In the areas of overtime law, there are very few firms nationwide that devote themselves exclusively to helping employees recover overtime wages and other unpaid wages.

Some areas of employment law, such as workers compensation, are decided in a State court. Therefore, choosing an attorney who is licensed in the state where you are can be very important.

On the other hand, discrimination is an area of employment law that is often decided in Federal Court. An experienced attorney can represent you in your home state, or sometimes it makes sense to work with other experienced attorneys in another state. For example, if you had a discrimination claim against WalMart (a company that has had many of them), you may decide to seek an attorney who is already familiar with going up against WalMart in court. You also may not want an attorney whose only experience in Discrimination claims has been against smaller regional companies.

Most importantly, much has changed in this age of the Internet and cell phones. Our clients are never farther than a quick call away, and people contacting us for the first time can call us anytime of day or night. Just like the courts have moved into electronic communications, our staff can provide all documents electronically.


Choosing an employment lawyer is not rocket science. The goal should be to find the most experienced attorney you can, that is enthusiastic about representing you, and that you can afford. At the Shavitz Law Group, our goal is to meet your goal.

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