“News Flash” to Salaried Managers – You may be entitled to receive overtime back-pay!

Managerial Salary

Managerial Salary = Unpaid Overtime

Job titles do not control an employee’s right to overtime pay – the code of federal regulations specifically says so.

Too often, employers label employees with lofty job titles and assume that excuses them from having to pay time-and-a-half wages for hours worked above 40 per week.  Examples include positions such as customer service manager, shipping and receiving manager, deli manager, member services manager, assistant manager, front of house manager, kitchen manager, operations manager, client success manager and more.

If an employee has a “manager” title, but their duties are primarily non-management in nature – i.e. much of the work is routine or in large part doing duties very similar to hourly paid associates – the employee may be able to claim backpay for up to three years, plus double damages.

And yes, even if you are paid a salary, you still may be owed overtime.   In essence, an employee does not waive their right to claim damages if they are paid by a salary.  It is the duties that, in large part, determine one’s entitlement.   If more than 50 percent of your time is spent doing non-managerial work, we want to hear from you to calculate your potential unpaid wage claim.

Lastly, even if there are no time records, that law still provides misclassified employees a remedy and does not waive your ability to rely upon your reasonable recollection of hours worked. So, if you can relate to this with respect to any current or former employer
for whom you have worked in the past few years, Shavitz Law Group looks forward to reviewing it with you.

Shavitz Law Group represents employees titled as managers from multiple states. If you are also interested in pursuing recovery of such damages for your unpaid overtime wages contact us today at info@shavitzlaw.com or call us directly at (800) 616-4000 for a free consultation.