Employers on Wall Street Punish Women for Having Children In 2018

Another day, another gender discrimination claim against a Wall Street firm.  In a recent article written by Bloomberg News, it was reported that a star performer and 15-year veteran at Goldman Sachs was fired while she was on maternity leave.  The former Vice President alleges, despite successfully managing more than 300 million dollars for Goldman’s clients, that Goldman Sachs terminated her because the firm did not believe she would be able to balance her work and home life due to her being on maternity leave.

It is not the first time that a large company has been sued for gender discrimination against pregnant women or new mothers.  Time Magazine and the New York Times also published pieces detailing “rampant” discrimination against pregnant women and new mothers.

The complaints all detail a common theme:  companies do not believe that women can balance their work and personal lives and that families will prevent women from performing at a high level.

Pregnancy-based discrimination is illegal. The law expressly prohibits companies from discriminating against women because of a pregnancy or childbirth.

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