Employer Owes Final Paycheck(s)?

When an employer holds a final paycheck, it can be quite frustrating. Employees are used to be paid on a certain date, a date set by the employers themselves. But when a boss holds a final paycheck, employees naturally wonders when they will be paid and even IF they will be paid.

What is the law?

Every state may have different laws with regarding the timeliness of pay for hours worked. In Florida, one can’t say whether a check is due on pay day, the following day, the following week, or any set time frame. Also, consider that employees are paid daily, weekly, every two weeks, bi-monthly, and monthly – that would be a tough law to set.

However, if you have tried to get your paycheck and your employer or boss won’t pay you for hours you worked, contact us (888) 940-9111 for a free consultation and our firm can review your options with you. Keep in mind, there are times that employers or bosses that withhold pay checks also have been withholding other pay that may be due. Our team can review with you all of your rights.

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