Colorado strengthens worker protections with updated wage and hour laws

Booting up, Rest Breaks, Pre-Shift Meetings, and ... Higher WagesColorado recently updated its wage laws and strengthened its protections for workers.  The new laws clarified that workers must be paid for all time worked, including time spent preparing to work, like booting up computer programs and timekeeping systems to clock in.  Employees who arrive at work and have pre-shift meetings must be paid for that time.

These laws will also impact workers who work at home and respond to emails and other communications while not clocked in.  The Colorado laws confirm that workers must be paid for such work. Colorado employers must also provide 10 minute paid rest breaks for every four hours of work. If the worker does not receive a break, the employer must pay the worker for an extra 10 minutes of time for the missed break.

The law also increased minimum pay rates.  Starting in July, salaried workers must earn at least $35,568 per year.  The minimum salary will increase in steps to $55,000 in 2024.

Shavitz Law Group litigates cases nationally including in Colorado.  We represent about 250 call center representatives who were not paid overtime wages in a case in Colorado court.  We also have a Colorado class action case pending involving similar claims in Colorado state court in Denver.

If you are a Colorado employee and want to learn more about your rights under the new law, please contact us at [email protected] or at 800-616-4000.  We would be happy to assist you in a free consultation to discuss your employment concerns.


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