Collective Action Overtime and Collective Action Wage Claims Under the FLSA

The Fair Labor Standards Act is the statute that protects employee wage and hour rights such as overtime pay and minimum wage payCollective action lawsuits are similar to class action lawsuits and are filed in Federal Court.   A collective action lawsuit can be best summarized as a legal action, by multiple similarly situated employees, against an employer who knowingly or unknowingly has violated the employee’s wage rights under the law.

The Shavitz Law Group has recovered well in excess of one hundred million dollars nationally for hard working employees like you who deserve to be paid for all   hours   worked.  We have represented collective action plaintiffs which include workers throughout the nation in various industries, in jobs including but not limited to:

  • call center employees
  • financial services employees and supervisors
  • assistant managers
  • technicians and installers
  • restaurant employees
  • department managers
  • drivers
  • police and other public safety officials
  • account executives
  • recruiters
  • customer service representatives
  • collector
  • courier

A collective action or multiple plaintiff lawsuit may be initiated in Federal Court where current and former employees join together against an employer who has violated the wage and overtime laws of a group of similarly situated employees.  These similarly situated employees can join together to recover back wages and damages owed to them under the law.

If the court rules that the collective action suit is appropriate, conditional certification will be granted and notice will be sent to each current or former employee who may qualify to join the case.  Ultimately the entire class of individuals who have joined the case may be entitled to damages upon case resolution.

When employees join forces to stand up for their wage and hour rights under the law, an employer may end up paying millions of dollars to resolve the action in a collective action claim, depending upon the gravity of the violation and the extent of employees affected.    If you have any questions regarding collective actions or multiple plaintiff lawsuits, please call the Shavitz Law Group for a free confidential consultation at 800-616-4000 or email us at [email protected].

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