Why the Cost of Litigation Should Not Scare You from Bringing a Claim Against Your Employer

Need a hero, not the costs?

Need a hero, not the costs?A common reason why people who feel that they have been wronged do not pursue their claims is they feel like they cannot afford a lawyer.

While this may be true in cases like contractual disputes, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) – the federal law that sets the requirements for overtime pay – protects employees by requiring a company to pay a prevailing plaintiff his or her reasonable attorney’s fees and costs, according to 29 U.S.C. § 216 (b). On the other hand, if an employee does not prevail in their claim, they do not have to reimburse the company any fees it may have incurred.

Thus, to the extent you may be owed back-pay from an employer, do not delay in speaking to our law firm because we do not charge you to represent you. Rather, our goal is to have the employer reimburse our fees and costs in pursuing any wages owe to you. And as a reminder, the statute of limitations continues to run on any claim for unpaid overtime — the law generally allows an employee up to two years of back-pay, which can be extended to a third year if the employer’s violation was reckless.

But the statute keeps running, and each week that goes by may be one less week of damages you can claim. Therefore, there is no reason not to call us to review with you. The consultation is free, and fees or costs thereafter incurred become the responsibility of the employer to reimburse if we prevail. And even if we do not prevail, It is generally our practice to not charge our clients, we win together or lose together.

Our track record has been solid 1999, so if you have any employment-related issues, please do not hesitate to call us directly at (800) 616-4000 for a free consultation. At Shavitz Law Group, we have helped thousands of workers stand up for their right to be fairly compensated. YOU EARNED IT, NOW LETS GO GET IT.