Boca Raton Employment Law

Navigating the sometimes turbulent waters of employment law requires the guidance and insight of a professional who has an intimate knowledge of the complex regulations and, most importantly, the specific rights to which you’re entitled. If you’re experiencing job-related problems that you suspect could be infringing on those rights, contacting a Boca Raton employment attorney is a smart next step.

Whether you’ve been wrongfully terminated, denied the back wages or overtime pay you’ve earned, or have been victimized by workplace harassment, a labor lawyer who is local to the Boca Raton area can help ensure that you receive fair treatment and compensation.

A labor attorney can help you to:

  • Negotiate with your former employer to ensure that you receive all back wages, overtime pay, severance, vacation pay, sick pay, and/or your final paycheck
  • Obtain the necessary documentation to prove that you were terminated and not laid off
  • Prove to the court that you were fired for an unfair or unjustifiable reason
  • Demonstrate that you were repeatedly passed over for a promotion, treated unfairly, or subjected to harassment based on your gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or disability

Losing your job and source of income, suffering from harassment, or facing conflict in the workplace can all cause significant mental anguish. Our Boca Raton employment lawyers have the experience, fortitude, and resources to help you receive the most desirable and equitable settlement.