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“Sidework” by Tipped Employees = Full Minimum Wage!

Employers typically are permitted to take a “tip-credit” for tipped employees. This allows employers to pay employees who receive tips to pay less than the ...
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Not Paid Overtime Wages? How Far Back Can You Sue For Damages?

Employees who are the victims of unfair wage practices often wonder how much they can claim in damages.  Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, which ...
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Mandatory Gratuities Are Not Tips, But May Be Considered Commissions

For tipped employees – one of the groups who have been disproportionately negatively impacted by COVID-19 remedial measure – the law surrounding what is considered ...
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Are you being paid for your on-the-job training?

Many companies require employees to take training courses and complete training modules during their employment. Some companies require their employees to complete this training while ...
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2021 Ushers in New State Employment Laws

Workers in America are protected by both federal and state laws.  January 1, 2021 is the effective date for several state laws directly affecting workers.  ...
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Minimum Wage Increases Kick Off 2021

Twenty states are raising their minimum wages in 2021. The federal minimum wage, which is regulated by the Fair Standards Labor Act, has been $7.25 ...
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Are you a salaried worker who is not paid overtime wages?

Many people mistakenly believe that salaried workers are not entitled to overtime pay. However, whether or not salaried workers are owed overtime wages all depends ...
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Are you getting paid when you work through your meal breaks?

No matter which industry employees work in, taking a complete and uninterrupted meal break is nearly impossible. This is exacerbated in our modern world where ...
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