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What You Need To Know About the Equal Pay Act

Everything you need to know about the EPA, and how it affects you.

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How To Prove Pay Discrimination in the United States

Pay discrimination is still a prevalent issue in the United States. Here’s how to prove it.

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Engineers: Don’t Let the Title Fool You

Don’t assume because your title includes “engineer” — or even if you have a degree in engineering – that you are not entitled to overtime …

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Engineers: Don’t Let the Title Fool You

Call Center Representatives Score Big Win

In a case handled by attorneys at the Shavitz Law Group, Call Center Representatives recently won a major victory at the Tenth Circuit Court of …

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nurses overtime Shavitz blog

Are Nurses Entitled to Overtime?

Over the past several years, particularly during surges in COVID and COVID-related illness and hospitalizations, our nations nurses are working longer hours than ever.  Many …

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Truck Drivers Overtime Pay

Truck Drivers – Are You Being Paid Overtime Wages?

Many companies treat truck drivers and delivery drivers as independent contractors and do not pay them overtime wages. In recent years, courts have held that …

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employment advancement opportunities

Employment Discrimination: Not Receiving the Same Earnings or Promotions as Your Co-workers?

Discrimination in the workplace does not always occur in the same way. While discrimination can come in more blatant forms: i.e. an employer chooses a …

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Mandatory Arbitration

Employers Rethink Mandatory Arbitration

Recently, there has been an important trend in employment law: some employers are no longer requiring there employees to agree to mandatory arbitration. This change …

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