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Shavitz Law Group

The Two Full-Time Employee Requirement for the Managerial Exemption

Did you know that managers may be non-exempt and entitled to overtime even if they are salaried and even if they are actually performing managerial duties?

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Shavitz Law Group

Understanding the “Customarily and Regularly” Requirement for the Managerial Exemption under FLSA

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the exemption for managerial positions depends on various factors,

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Overtime for Drive Time?

Compensable drive time refers to the hours that an employee is entitled to be paid for when traveling between work-related locations

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What You Need To Know About the Equal Pay Act

Everything you need to know about the EPA, and how it affects you.

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How To Prove Pay Discrimination in the United States

Pay discrimination is still a prevalent issue in the United States. Here’s how to prove it.

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Engineers: Don’t Let the Title Fool You

Don’t assume because your title includes “engineer” — or even if you have a degree in engineering – that you are not entitled to overtime …

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Engineers: Don’t Let the Title Fool You

Call Center Representatives Score Big Win

In a case handled by attorneys at the Shavitz Law Group, Call Center Representatives recently won a major victory at the Tenth Circuit Court of …

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nurses overtime Shavitz blog

Are Nurses Entitled to Overtime?

Over the past several years, particularly during surges in COVID and COVID-related illness and hospitalizations, our nations nurses are working longer hours than ever.  Many …

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