Big or Small – Every Overtime Case Has Value

Make a large splash with a small overtime stoneThe Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), the federal law that sets forth the requirements for overtime pay, protects employees by requiring a company to pay a prevailing plaintiff his/her reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.  29 U.S.C. § 216 (b).   The purpose for this “fee shifting” is to protect workers who have small claims and to allow them to pursue their rights without fear of having their claims outweighed by the fees and costs to bring them.  At the Shavitz Law Group, no claim is too big or too small for us to consider.

While many might believe that incurring 5-10 minutes per day of unpaid time is inconsequential this uncompensated time adds up.  It can lead to an employee not being paid for over 40 hours per year.  If this is at the fault of a company that employs thousands of workers who all experience the same issue, a problem that seemed minor actually can end up potentially cheating workers collectively out of millions of dollars.

In addition, employees who pursue such claims on behalf of a class of people are oftentimes entitled to an additional sum of money, called a “service award,” in the event that a case settles.  While not guaranteed and subject to Court approval, the service award compensates these people who step forward to represent the interest of the class.

In sum, even what may seem like the smallest case, could have far-reaching effects on a company.  If you have an employment-related issue, do not hesitate to contact us at the Shavitz Law Group. You could be entitled to recover overtime pay and other compensation for every hour you’ve worked over 40 each week. Contact us today at [email protected] or call us directly at (800) 616-4000 for a free consultation.




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