Airline Uniform Cases

Airline Uniform Cases

Is Your Airline Employer Properly Reimbursing You for Your Work-Related Expenses?

Did you know that under California Labor Code Section 2802, employers must reimburse their employees for any expenses incurred which are necessary for the performance of their duties?

Particularly in the aviation industry, employees frequently pay for their uniforms without receiving reimbursement for such expenses. Additionally, employees in the aviation industry frequently use their cellular phones for work-related tasks without being reimbursed their employers. Such tasks include bidding for schedules, communicating with crew scheduling, reviewing company-related e-mail, and checking flight status. Even if the employee would have incurred the same cellular phone expense notwithstanding using the cellular phone for work-related purposes, the employee is still entitled to reimbursement for a reasonable portion of the expense. Ultimately, an employer who has reason to know an employee has incurred work-related expenses must reimburse the employee, even if the employee does not request reimbursement.

If you have incurred work-related expenses within the last 4 years and have not been reimbursed, you may seek recovery of these expenses. The law also provides for recovery of 10% interest per year on the value of the expenses incurred, and that the employer, not you, must pay any attorney’s fees and costs incurred.

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