State & Federal Court Litigation

Once a Complaint has been filed in Court on your behalf, which typically occurs at the outset of your case, our team of exceptional lawyers and dedicated staff members will work to ensure that your claims are litigated in an efficient and proactive manner. Many people have the misconception that a case “doesn’t go to Court” until a trial occurs, but in reality, from the day your Complaint if filed, we will be litigating your rights with the objective always remaining the same: to obtain fair compensation and equal treatment for you – because you earned it.

Because the firm cannot control whether your current or former employer will be interested in promptly resolving your claims, or, in contrast, will be adamant in defending themselves aggressively, some cases that the Shavitz Law Group, P.A. handles resolve more quickly than others. This means that cases litigated in Court can take anywhere from three (3) months to more than One (1) year depending on the particular facts and circumstances of your situation and your employer’s response.

The following states typically occur in most employment litigation:

Regardless of the size of your claims, or the way in which your case is defended by your current or former employer, our lawyers will affirmatively push to litigate your case in the most appropriate and timely manner possible.

To learn more about how the Shavitz Law Group, P.A. works to protect the rights of employees through litigation each day, contact us for a free consultation.