Direct Negotiation & Settlement

After a Complaint is filed with a Court, it must be served on the defendant(s), who then normally have Twenty (20) days within which to file a response. Typically, companies may only be represented in Federal Court through an attorney, so once we have been contacted by either a corporate representative who advises us that the Company is interested in promptly resolving your claims if a fair and reasonable compromise can quickly be agreed upon, or by the attorney representing your former employer, we will begin to work directly with them to try and negotiate a prompt resolution of your claims.

This means that we will likely exchange written correspondence and documents, and communicate over the telephone, with the defense counsel in order to explore how a fair settlement of your claims can be achieved, if the Company is interested. Additionally, it also means that your cooperation and assistance in regularly communicating with our attorneys and staff will likely be necessary so that we can clarify information that the Company’s attorneys provide, obtain additional details from you, and communicate settlement offers.

The law does not require that your current or former employer voluntarily settle simply because we have filed a claim on your behalf, but the Shavitz Law Group, P.A. believes in working to exhaust all reasonable alternatives from the outset of your case. Similarly, although an initial settlement of your case sometimes cannot be achieved, we will continuously work to keep a settlement dialogue open with the Company’s attorneys whenever feasible.

Keep in mind that the law does entitle employers to defend themselves, so if an informal settlement of your case is not achieved, it doesn’t mean that you’ve done anything wrong, nor does it mean that the Company has either. Rather, cases which do not get resolved through direct efforts between our firm and the Company, or its attorneys, simply mean that we will continue to move forward with pursuing your claims through the Court system.

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