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employee rightsThe Shavitz Law Group, P.A. is an AV Rated boutique firm concentrating exclusively on employee rights, with a particular emphasis in wage and hour litigation.  Shavitz Law Group is a Florida law firm with a national practice.  Shavitz Law Group employment lawyers litigate throughout Florida and the United States.  Currently, Shavitz Law Group is representing classes and individuals from the District Courts throughout Florida to the District of Colorado to the Southern District of New York, and in numerous other forums nationwide.

With over 85 years of collective experience, the top-ranked employment lawyers at Shavitz Law Group are committed to the vindication of employee rights. Shavitz Law Group’s outstanding results on behalf of clients – including seven- and eight- figure settlements in complex collective and class litigation – demonstrate that not all high quality lawyers work at big firms.

With Shavitz Law Group, clients receive the expertise, experience, and  resources of a big firm with the added advantage of individualized attention from employment lawyers and a professional staff who personally know their clients.  While Shavitz Law Group utilizes state-of-the-art technology to litigate cases, at the same time, Shavitz Law Group also benefits from its greatest asset: the care and compassion of lawyers and professional staff dedicated to all needs of every client.

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