A National Retailer Settles a $45 Million Massive Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

Family Dollar paid $45 million to settle claims that the retailer paid men more than women for doing the same work. The lawsuit claimed that Family Dollar violated the Equal Pay Act because it allegedly favored men over women regarding their pay.

These cases are more common than one would think. Studies have shown that women earn as much as 39% less than men. In recent years, companies have paid tens of millions of dollars to settle these claims. The #MeToo movement is helping to bring these claims to light and stop these unlawful practices.

The Equal Pay Act prevents discrimination on the basis of gender. Employees who perform similar work must be paid comparably and one gender cannot be favored over another. Federal and state laws protect women from this type of discrimination.

Shavitz Law Group serves and protects women who have been subject to unlawful bias in the workplace or denied pay for all work they perform.

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